They’re Real! Push-Up Liner by Benefit


Hello Everyone!! Life and work have been extremely busy. Which explains why I haven’t had the chance to post in a few weeks. It’s been a FUN summer so far, after all, that’s what summer is all about! Right?! Going forward I’m going to commit to posting a minimum of once per week whether it’s product reviews, fashion tips, OOTD, etc. I’ve been in a dress most of the time since the weather is way TOO hot these days. I’m talking over 100 degrees HOT! If this is exactly what you’ve been experiencing when you are outside lately, stay hydrated and protect your skin.

Lets move on to my review on the new They’re Real! Push-Up Liner by Benefit. I wore the liner for about a week trying it multiple ways from the perfect winged liner to simply lining my natural lash line. Here are my Pros and Cons about the product from wearability to application.




  • It doesn’t give you much play time, so you must work fast with it. It will ball up and dry.
  • If you’re a beginner at winged eyeliner the pointed tip applicator works. But doesn’t necessarily make it as easy as it comes across.
  • It comes with this very small insert you must always put back on when done using it. I take it, it’s because it will dry out faster.
  • If you put too much on or have dry eyelids, it may crack and not look even.


  • The slanted fine pointed tip is nice and soft. And doesn’t tug on your eyelid.
  • It’s a very black eyeliner. No need to layer.
  • Gets close to the lash line with no visible gaps.
  • You can easily create as thin or thick of a line as you prefer.
  • Long wearing, as long as there’s a smooth application.
  • I heard it was hard to wash off, so they created a cleanser to go with it. Nope, mine came off perfectly fine with my regular eye makeup remover.
  • Much easier and faster to apply a winged eyeliner if you’re already used to doing one.

My final rating on the product from 1-10 would have to be a 6. It’s not easy at first, but you will eventually get there with practice. The color and wearability is great. Seems to perfectly line leaving no gaps. Was it as easy as it said it would be, no. Maybe the $24 price point is worth it, maybe not. Based on my review, not worth it for me.

You be the judge?!


Priscilla Pearl